1. Vision Test
Vision test detects the presence or absence of components using pattern matching
2. VI Test
In state that the power is not applied, the measurement and the fault are detected through the VI module based on the combination of VCF (Voltage, Current, and Frequency)
3. Open&Short Test
Find an open or short circuit
4. DMM Test with simple ICT
Simple ICT function is supported by various capacity value checks by components using DMM (Digital Multi Meter)
5. Voltage Test (On Powered)
The Power supplied with connecting method, it detects power failure through measuring current change between the GND and each test point
6. Multi- Function Unit with Matrix Modules
The Multi- Function unit of a matrix module supports with variety of test modes.
7. Barcode Reader with Vision Camera
Vision camera scans standard one-dimensional barcode and a two dimensional barcode.
8. Laser Auto Height Sensor
Laser auto height sensor automatically measures the height of each component and inputs information to position generates to check the impulse when creating test plan.
9. CAD Convert (Optional)
TK-2 has ability to import and convert 25 different kinds of CADs
10. 5 different types of speed control
TK-2 has 5 different types of speed controls (Soft, Slow, Normal, Fast, Extra Fast)
11. Auto Create Test Plan
TK-2 supports auto create test plan based on CAD data.
12. Manual Create Test Plan (No CAD Data)
If there is no CAD data, it supports auto test plan after inputting data to position generate manually
13. Partial Area Test Plan
TK-2 supports a partial area test plan that it could only test in selected areas of the target board.


TK- 2 Flying Probe Troubleshooting System